Penny Arcade
            This is one of the more well-known online comic strips out there. Unfortunately, of course, that's not saying much.
            Krahulik and Holkins, better known as Gabe and Tycho, create one of these things every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and they do a good job of it. Penny Arcade is about video games, but what's most important is the pure, unadulterated wackiness.
            A lot of the strips can only be understood if you read the daily rant first, which is why it's a good thing that you have to go to the front page before seeing the actual material.
            There is quite a bit of swearing and random violence in this strip. Gabe and Tycho seem particularly fascinated by the word "wang". There is some stuff here that's just plain wrong. Guy stuff.
            For the life of me, I can't figure out why these guys are still married.
            To women.

            As you dedicated students of 1/0 can effortlessly recall, Barnacle Jones was a casualty in the 1/0 / Pentasmal war. In case you're interested, yes, I did send Aaron Farber a Formal Declaration of War. Regrettably, Pentasmal has now stopped, but I leave up the link because of its importance.
            This comic is edgy, and often offensive. I recommend keeping it away from the kids. There are two main characters, pink guy and blue guy.
            Pentasmal is responsible for making popular the phrase "You will get nothing."
            This strip is a Keenspotter.

The Polymer City Chronicles
            This strip has really changed. It used to be an all head-shot lowbrow breasts-and-video-games gag comic, and now the silly characters have suddenly become very serious and have gone off on a well-drawn adventure. To be honest, it's actually quite good.
            You really don't have to read the archives, but I recommend it. I have no idea how often it comes out.

Player vs. Player
            This daily strip is always well done. It's about the staff of a gaming magazine (named PvP, like the strip). The actual company and its function, of course, are far less important than the staff themselves, the situations they get into, and the video games they play.
            There's a lot about this strip that's just plain cool. Like Skull and his gaming fez, for example. That's cool.
            Scott Kurtz is a cartoonist who actually cares about the art form, which is good. He is associated with several other strips, and is responsible for such gems as Planet Couch.