Zebra Girl
            This little beauty comes out on Fridays. It's about a girl named Sandra whose friend is into wizardry... basically, it's a bad idea to hang around people who are into wizardry. Sandra is now half demon, and is embroiled in adventuring, each and every Friday.
            At least, every Friday that the artist, a rabbit named Joe England, has not lost his mind.
            There's a lot of silliness here, but it's not in the main plot. It's a very interesting read.

            This Keenspacer is all sci-fi parodies. Our short green protagonist (Zortic), his lady love (Zoie), the ship they won (The Entire Prize) and its tech guy (Splink) careen through the universe, having wacky near-copyright-infringing adventures.
            It comes out Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays reliably, and while the art is never stellar, it's recognizable. Nothing dirty, always funny. Go read it.