The Wandering Ones
            Of all the Keenspotters, this is probably the most realistically drawn. Clint Hollingsworth has a real talent for describing the human form, especially in action scenes, of which there are plenty.
            For this is 2066, our post-apocalyptic future, and there is plenty of action to go around! High-tech tanks and sword fights and gunplay galore! The action is usually brief, however, as Hollingsworth needs to teach us valuable lessons about stealth, tracking, and respecting Ma Nature. Given what I've seen of the online comics community, that's pretty much a lost cause. When the end comes, we'll all be going down in flames.
            A strip this high-quality requires that the artist take breaks, but it's daily when that's possible. Hollingsworth's ideas may sound extremist to many, but I personally feel that we need extremism in this mediocre world. Nothing dirty.

Wapsi Square
            A nice little Keenspacer about a variety of interesting people. The art's good, the jokes are good, it's all very nice.
            Why not?

            Jeff Rowland used to draw a Keenspotter called "When I Grow Up". Now, he's broken away from Keenspot, and produces WIGU independantly. It's set in the same universe, and focuses on the lives of the Tinkle Family.
            I really do like this strip. It's about as offensive as an episode of the Simpsons, and the art is okey-dokey. Read it.