Tails from the Mynarski Forest
            This full colour animal strip only comes out once a week, but it's worth it. The art has definitely improved over the years, but it still looks very.... floppy.
            "Tails" chronicles the adventures of Liska and Skippy: a fox and rabbit, respectively. It's pretty cute, Liska's diet notwithstanding. Nothing really offensive here.

The Tongue
            The art on this strip has improved exponentially, and the artist has redone many of the old strips. To be honest, I'm thinking of doing that myself, when I can find the time. Oddly enough, the actual tongue is rarely featured-- Billany prefers to focus on the adventures of Rob and Earl (who are aliens).
            The one thing I really respect about this strip is its regular daily updates. Good stuff. The Tongue is one of the Ottercomics.

Tonja Steele
            This Keenspacer is irregular, but good. It features the life of one Tonja Steele, cop and biker babe, and her adopted daughter, Mindy. Unfortnately, the updates are somewhat sporadic, but the content is pretty good. These days, you at least get something every Tuesday or Thursday.
            Some of you may be concerned about the physical nature of the relationship between Tonja and Mindy, but it's all handled very nicely. I wouldn't call anything here offensive, and the art is good.

Triangle and Robert
            This strip is hilarious. I mean it. Funny, funny, funny stuff.
            The main characters are a triangle and a rhombus-- No art here, folks!-- and they get involved in wacky yet convoluted plots involving food, magic, and geometry. I can't honestly tell if Patrick Shaughnessy knows what he's doing or not, but it looks like it, and that's what counts.
            It's interesting to me how he presents himself, the authour, as a foreign force on a pre-existing universe-- somewhat like the explanation of link books in Riven.
            One of the things I really love about this strip is its reliability. One strip a day, no exceptions.

            This is a cheap strip with bad art that updates infrequently and irregularly.
            Still, it's a fellow fourth wall breaker, so what the heck. It is funny at some points, and will be funny again. Recently, a giant wave of illogic (Ken Taylor is apparently schooled in formal logic) has swallowed the entire universe, so everything's a little weird right now. Taylor has some talent, if only he could bring himself to use it.
            This is the kind of strip that most people accuse all webcomics of being.

21st Century Fox
            A cool Keenspacer about a fox and a giraffe, cruising the futuristic highways looking for love, money, and whatnot. This is a furry strip with a nice sense of humour. The art has improved over time, and is now in colour.
            What Kellogg is most famous for, I think, is his trademark expletive " Johnny Freakinouter". The strip updates every Monday, usually with two or more.