Real Life
            This Keenspotter is one of the few that are vector drawn. I think the art is quite good, really. It's semi-autobiographical, in that it contains characters who are directly lifted from Greg Dean's life. I doubt, however, that he really has several sentient computers and infrequent conversations with his artist.
            This comic is quite funny, even if you don't play the video games they mention. The best strip, in my opinion, a real gem, is this one. I mean, that's genius, right there.
            It's clean, it's daily, and the website is downright neat. This is a prime example of the webcomic art form. Greg Dean does a lot of very cool things, and now also draws The Forge as a service for Swords Online.

RPG World
            This strip is much like Adventurers, only with more plot. It comes out on Wednesdays, Fridays and colour on Sundays.
            It deals with a party of adventurers in an RPG-type setting, complete with menu-based battles and one-reply townspeople. (The "TAT Guy" is a prime example.) They go off on side quests, fall in love with each other, and generally forget what they're supposed to be doing in the first place. The updates are good though.
            It's a Keenspotter.