Ozy and Millie
            This strip reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes, except for the fact that it has a larger cast, and they're all animals. There is a certain depth, a certain knowledge that bespeaks a larger perspective. It has been said that while many strips have children that are as smart as adults, Ozy and Millie is the only strip with adults as smart as children.
            This charm, unfortunately, is marred for me by Simpson's obsession with U.S. politics. I mean, kids don't care about politics, do they? Of course, if Simpson stuck to child-oriented subjects, we'd never get to see his philosophical viewpoints (I believe he's an agnostic). Besides, it's not like he does anything seriously.
            Aside from American politics, there is nothing really offensive about this comic. I highly recommend it for everyone. Simpson's art is well-done, and he's very good about updates.
            So far as I know, the Ozy and Millie universe is compatible with the Nip and Tuck universe. I think, however, that we can safely assume there will be no crossovers.