This Keenspotter produces good material on a regular basis-- I like that in a webcomic. Newshounds chronicles the misadventures of a small news team of animals, running a station called KPET.
            Thomas Dye's art is very readable, even if his tendency towards cartooniness leads to gigantic feet and big eyes. The Newshounds crew is popular for crossovers, even if they don't really fit in with the host universe.
            Although the humour, obviously, deals with with the news of the day, I have never seen anything offensive on this site.

Nip and Tuck
            This is by Ralph E. Hayes Jr., who also does Under the Lemon Tree. Nip and Tuck sets out to prove that hicks are people too: a tall order in the world of webcomics. Hayes manages it, however, by drawing well and by telling good jokes. Although this strip is "furry", don't expect any nastiness-- Hayes makes no secret of being decidedly right wing.
            Nip and Tuck shows up every Sunday, and the authour also does Under The Lemon Tree and Tales of the Questor Now.
            Hayes has no problem with using his strip to advertize his opinions, but nothing he says is ever offensive.

No Outlet
            This strip is a lot like conversations I have. A lot. It's scary.
            It features various canines hanging around and musing about life, love and commercial mascots. "Interesting" is the same as "Exciting". I like that. It's a shame this thing only updates on Mondays.
            The art isn't all that great, but you can tell what's going on. It's never offensive, but it is somewhat cerebral. Come to think of it, some people would probably find that offensive.

            Darren Bleuel, one of the founding members of Keenspot, draws this B&W beauty on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It really used to suck, but the art and plot have both improved considerably.
            It deals with a selection of college students (primarily nuclear engineers, hence the title) who get into adventures. There is a certain intellectual elitism here, but it's not too bad. I like the recent excitement.