This Keenspotter is done by Dave Kelly, who is known for such works as Living in Greytown, Purple Pussy, and Adventures in Smut. Despite his wonderful natural ability to offend, this particular strip is actually quite safe. Sure, the characters have real, mature, emotional dilemmas, but there is plenty of silliness to offset it, and no obscenity whatsoever that would make this strip a problem for little kids.
            Kelly has a tendency, though, to let the three themes of obscenity, cuteness and seriousness interweave in his work, and I'm seriously considering running a betting pool on how long it'll be before the f-word shows up in Lizard.

Lost and Found Investigations
            This M-W-F colour Keenspotter balances humour and excitement quite well. It's about a private detective and his dog, who solve cases, parody movies, and attempt to pick up chicks. Milligan's art is always good, if a tad cartoony. Of course, this strip features talking animals, so I'll let it slide.
            You can always tell when a cartoonist enjoys his work. This is one of those times.