Kevin and Kell
            This is a big-name independent net strip about a mismatched family of anthropomorphic animals. Kell is a wolf with a half-fox son from a previous marriage, Kevin is her rabbit husband with an adopted hedgehog daughter, they have a carnivorous bunny for a baby, the wolf-fox is dating a fennec, the hedgehog is dating a bat, they have a sentient flower as the family pet… you get the idea. Weird, wacky and wonderful.
            Kevin and Kell is possibly the only strip I’ve ever seen that has given a full explanation of the phenomenon of anthropomorphism (although I doubt many furry types would like this version). Despite this touch of realism, the strip’s world is actually quite silly. Computer problems are often manifested physically. Many jokes are based around the food chain.
            This strip is reliable—one every weekday—which is incredible, when you consider that Bill Holbrook also draws On the FastTrack and Safe Havens. (You can see evidences of this Syndicate Domestication in Kevin and Kell, of course, but that’s not always a bad thing.) Terrence Marks, of Unlike Minerva, does the colouring.
            Aside from the fact that everyone devours everyone else, this strip is family fare.

Kota's World
            If I had to pick a way to visually represent the Internet, I'd say that Robin Williams' "What Dreams May Come" comes the closest. In second place would be "Kota's World".
            Kota's World is, theoretically, about the Lords of the Internet, and the mischief into which they get. It's quite funny, quite nonsensical, and the characters are interesting. The art is pretty good, the updates are reliable, it's clean, but wouldn't appeal to kids. I recommend it.
            Kota's World is a fellow Keenspacer.