Itís Walky
††††††††††† This Keenspotter used to be called "Roomies" (not to be confused with any other strips that are currently called Roomies), and it featured some run-of-the-mill college students. There was a lot of drama, a lot of laughs, and some lessons about life. Willis dealt with real issues that affect real people. That got really depressing. So he brought in some aliens.
††††††††††† Now, oddly enough, a few of the original cast members have become members of a government agency that deals with these aliens. Despite their massive psychological problems (one of them murdered her own clone, for crying out loud!) they are the ones selected to protect all of the U.S. of A. Makes me feel a lot better about being Canadian.
††††††††††† Willis, though, did not learn his lesson about being serious, and now, despite aliens that look like smurfs, "Itís Walky" is filled with pathos, depression and tragedy. I think Dave needs a girlfriend almost as much as I do.