A recent addition to the Keenspace family. Gao was set up, originally, a lot like 1/0, but now, in theory, goes on in a different universe. The main characters are unfamiliar with society, and this strip deals with their attempts to live a normal life in a normal world. Insightful, wacky, and definitely funny. I recommend this to anyone.
            Besides, Altum is a 1/0 reader, so he's gotta be good.

Gene Catlow
            This Keenspotter deals with a society of furries offset with a society of humans, and Temple is not afraid, like certain other strips, to go into the complications this might cause. In fact, the friction between the two societies is the main focus of this strip.
            The art here is always good (not to mention big!) and never offensive. It’s quite fascinating.

General Protection Fault
            A prominent Keenspotter about a group of geeks and their adventures. Even if you’re among the technologically challenged, this strip is still funny.
            GPF has dealt with sex, but only in a nice moral way—no real nudity, no real violence, no real swearing. I’d feel comfortable reading this with my parents looking over my shoulder.(Well, as comfortable as anyone can be with their parents looking over their shoulder).
            Now we just have to figure out which cast member is moonlighting as the PBS logo…

Get With The Program
            This was formerly a comic about a video game company, but now that world has been revealed to have been an illusion which was preparing the main characters for their roles in the "real world", which is sci-fi-ish and interesting. The art is relatively good, and the updates are regular. Read it.

            This strip may offend. No, that’s not quite right. This strip contains elements that are just plain wrong.
            A demonic chicken, a promiscuous goat, some talking cheese, a 180-year old geneticist, a pear-shaped superhero, two…. Ah, you get the idea. Mayhem. Wonderfully funny, horribly irreverent mayhem.
            Goats is B&W, but has been in colour. It should be daily, but it really isn’t.

            This M W F comic is one of those Alt Brand weiners, but it's good anyway. It's "drawn" by Case Yorke, the bad boy responsible for the now defunct Aren't We Real. I placed the word "drawn" in quotation marks to indicate that Gluemeat is not actually drawn. Instead, the same characters are cut and pasted onto an abstract watercolour background. That's what half of all online comic strips are, though, so I'm not really complaining, just stating a fact.
            Gluemeat is entertaining enough, I suppose.

Greystone Inn
            Greystone Inn deals with the production of a comic strip of the same name (which is not as confusing as it sounds) and frequently alludes to events and figures from entertainment that are either dead or decaying. Argus the Gargoyle, the main character, is in show-biz, with all that that implies. The strip deals with his social life, checkered past, attempts to woo women, and problems with his apartment. Guigar is not above punning.
            This strip is 6 times a week, I’ll say that. I have respect for anyone who can produce reliably.
            Greystone Inn is one of those Alt Brand putzes.

The Grimbles
            Adam Burke, formerly of Diabolica, draws this weird little number every Monday and Thursday. It covers the eccentricities of the Grimble family in well-inked B&W-- and eccentric they are.
            There's no real continuity, you just sorta have to read it. Burke experiments with form sometimes, and the results are always good.