This strip is some great stuff. The characters are real, the concepts are intriguing, and the art is fantastic. It deals with a posse of sci-fi nuts, who, having spent years obsessing over comic books and movies, are now ideally suited to a bizarre, government-conspiracy-controlled world.
            Fans makes references to various works of fiction, obviously, but goes to great lengths to avoid copyright violation. In places, this can get weird. Despite the serious, mature storylines, there is a strong undercurrent of juvenile silliness. Still, though, isn’t that what makes us human?
            Fans deals with sex, religion, power, and violence. It’s clean—no nudity or swearing—but still is not children’s fare.
            It updates five times a week.

Faux Pas
            This is a cute little strip about a farm of animal actors (focussing on the foxes, Randy and Cindy-- hence the pun in the title). The art is quite good, and the updates are every Tuesday and Friday. Faux Pas usually appeals to the furry crowd, although I wouldn't call any of the characters "anthropomorphised".
            There is nothing offensive here. I recommend it for everyone.

            1/0 has been described as the hybrid of Framed and Triangle and Robert. Framed has no fourth wall, like 1/0, but there’s a whole lot more silliness. Damonk brought some of his friends into his strip, and now they’re trapped in a universe with no scenery and no nipples. To be honest, there’s probably a lot more nipple talk than if there had been nipples.
            The panel layout is sometimes confusing and there are labels on everything, but it could be worse.
            Actually, Framed is a good look at what 1/0 would look like if I didn’t set rules for myself. It’s anarchy. None of it makes sense for more than a few weeks. There are spontaneous cameos (which are good for inter-comic relations, but make trouble for the characters.)
            Damonk (who is a fellow Keenspacer) who gave me the basic HTML I needed to create my site. For that, I am eternally in his debt. He gave me a neat-o award, too.
            His monthly discoveries are a great way to scope new talent.

            This is a very cool strip—you may recall Mark Stanley and I did the April Fool’s comic swap together.
            It’s about Sam, Helix, and Florence; the crew of the Savage Chicken. Sam is an alien sociopath, Helix is a simple robot, and Florence is a genetically engineered engineer—together, although they have yet to actually get into space, they have gotten into plenty of trouble. Humorous trouble.
            The art is really great, and the jokes are always funny, but what I really respect about Stanley is the depth of his universe. He’s got the physics and politics and all that sorted out, regardless of whether or not they ever make it in the strip. Now that’s cool.
            Mark Stanley has been a big encouragement to me as a cartoonist. The comic updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and never stoops to vulgarity.

Funny Farm
            Funny Farm is, I think, one of the best pieces of evidence that Keenspot is doing something right. It’s daily B&W with colour on weekends, and the updates are pretty reliable.
            Six furry characters live in a boarding house near an unnamed metropolis. Their world contains both furries and humans, although this is rarely mentioned. Their adventures involve terrorists, cults, UFOs, and killer computers, but the mood remains light. Ryan Smith writes very well, and each character has a very distinct personality.
            The only blood here is in the Halloween specials, and the hanky-panky is kept off-screen. Suitable for all ages, I feel. Smith also updates regularly. I like that.

Fuzzy Things
            This strip is well-drawn, but can get confusing.
            It’s set in a far-flung science fantasy world, where six-year old anthros train to be ninjas and magic-users. There is real plot, so pay attention. The archives are a little weird, and there are a lot of banner ads, but the comic itself is pretty good.
            Fuzzy Things contains no real violence or obscenity, and updates kinda regularly.