8-Bit Theatre
††††††††††† Itís all about Final Fantasy 1, baby! This strip, in theory, comes out on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Itís some good stuff. Thereís plenty of killiní.
††††††††††† The art, as the name implies, looks like it would on an NES. Clevinger is a big RPG player, so if youíre still wondering exactly what a "Final Fantasy" is, perhaps this may not be the strip for you.
††††††††††† This one makes me laugh.

Elf Life
††††††††††† The art here is fantastic. Itís the continuing saga of all Elfdom, strung out through time and space like nobodyís business. Thing is, with all that time traveling and skipping around, itís hard to keep track of whatís going on. To be honest, Iím not even sure if Carson Fire knows where heís going. I donít mind though. Itís cool.
††††††††††† Elf Life is known for its risqué art gallery, and now the actual comic is beginning to feature nudity. Don't worry, though: the regular comic is a censored version. It seems now that Carson Fire has this dual strip, he feels the need to display nudity every day. He still has my respect, though.
††††††††††† Itís daily, although there are occasional gaps.
††††††††††† Elf Life definitely deserves its ĎSpothood.