Dex Lives
††††††††††† This is a quiet little strip featuring three half human/half dragons in rather realistic human conditions. Dex, Junior/Zwingali and Phil try to deal with jobs, holidays, social obligations, tentative romances, money, giant ants, etc., and do a fine job of it, all things considered. Yarnot's observations about life are always amusing. The art is minimalist, but quite good. It's clean, reliable, and a fellow Keenspacer. Check it out!

††††††††††† Interestingly enough, there are quite a few similarities between Dex and Dragon Boy... They're both half human, half dragon... They both star in a Keenspace comic that is named after them...They both love cats...

Diesel Sweeties
††††††††††† This is a popular little strip about robots, sex, music-based subcultures, and world domination. It's silly, irreverent, and often makes no sense at all. The art is cheap and pixelly, the characters are shallow, and the gags are simplistic. I highly recommend it.

††††††††††† The characters in DMFA (Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures) are based on ones in Furcadia, but remain accessible to the non-Furcadian regardless. As a matter of fact, you don't need to know much about furry culture at all to enjoy this strip-- it's a fun fling in a fantasy world, a chance for the artist (the beautiful and talented Miss Mab) to display cute gags and shout-outs to her peers.
††††††††††† I really respect this particular artist for her continually-evolving art style and her excellent grasp of plot and character development. You can see some of her other work here.

Dragon Boy
††††††††††† This B&W Keenspacer comes out on Mondays and Fridays, and is well worth the wait. Arius Elvikus has a great sense of humour, and his art is always good.
††††††††††† The title character has been known to snack on wildlife (and do some other socially unacceptable things), and those of you with weak stomachs may not want to see that. The rest of you, however, will laugh. And laugh again.
††††††††††† I really like the way Elvikus expresses himself. The language in Dragon Boy is always eloquent, and usually quite silly. Elvikus' flair for large words comes out most noticeably, of course, in Zamboni Bear. Great stuff.
††††††††††† Dragon Boy is observed by Zesto and Al, who break the fourth wall for us. The art is good, and it's reliable. Read it.

Dragon Tails
††††††††††† This strip always impresses me. Everythingís in 3D!
††††††††††† Dragon Tails chronicles the continuing misadventures of eight young dragon siblings. Also in the strip are Norman, a violent misfit squirrel; Moppy, a cute little kitty cat; and Colin, one of the coolest robot characters Iíve ever seen.
††††††††††† Dragon Tails is daily, and Tim Dawson is quite reliable about updates. The jokes are good, but Timís style sometimes makes it hard to see whatís going on.
††††††††††† I hang out on his Message Board a lot.