Bob and George
            This strip is based on the Mega Man games. In fact, most of the graphics have been lifted from Mega Man. This a funny strip. I mean it. Funny stuff. Quite a lot of fourth-wall breaking, comic merging, alternate dimensions and all that jazz.
            David Anez is good, so far as updates go. I can’t recall ever seeing him miss a day.
            There is a lot of swearing, though. If you object to mild swearing, go read something innocuous, like Melonpool.

Bob the Angry Flower
            A page-sized, usually B&W comic that appears every Friday. You’ve gotta love the tone of this strip— very little real cause and effect, plenty of flippant disregard for human suffering, and the occasional snippet of self-deprecating sarcasm. It vacillates between cerebral and stupid, and is not afraid to openly slander or violate copyright. Bob’s adventures are the stuff of legend.
            There have been sightings of swearing, gore and nudity, but I’d still recommend it for pretty much everyone. It’s just that good.
            I’m especially impressed by Bob’s Quick Guide to the Apostrophe, You Idiots. You tell’em, Bob!

BoxJam’s Doodle
            Big name strip. BoxJam wears muu-muus and drives a boat because muu-muus and boats are easy to draw. In fact, most of BoxJam’s universe is organized around what’s easy to draw. BoxJam is married to Mrs. BoxJam, and has somehow sired Little BoxJam and BoxJam-ina. His best friend has a sledgehammer for a face. I sometimes suspect that his doodle is not as autobiographical as he claims.
            BoxJam loses arguments with his wife, takes out the trash, and contemplates death. He’s rather like a grown-up, lazy, beer-drinking Charlie Brown. That, of course, is why we love him. Or like him, anyway.
            Junior is imitating Boxjam here.
            BoxJam’s Doodle is one of those AltBrand wieners.

Boy on a Stick and Slither
            A very odd comic-- no plot, really, but very amusing. It's always nonsensical and it can sometimes be rude, but I think it's a worthwhile read. It's disjointed. I recommend you read all the archives in one sitting.
            BoaSaS often has a larger, more goal-oriented view of life, but I think they may be faking it.
            It updates on Mondays and Fridays, and may contain offensive material.

Bruno the Bandit
            Not to be confused with a certain other Bruno. Ian McDonald’s daily B&W Keenspot strip is quite often brilliant (his now-infamous “No Offense!” storyline, especially), but also quite often cheesy. The fantasy landscape is riddled with what would be anachronisms, if “fantasy” were a specific time period.
            The villainous Bruno Bunkleyutz roams the land with his trusty micro-dragon, Fiona, in search of excitement, gold and more gold. It seems there is no caper too crazy, no deed too dastardly, no… well, you get the idea. Adventure. Or, at least, a reasonable pop-culture-reference-laden substitute. MacDonald is guilty of some atrocious puns.