Yes, I'm aware that "?" does not begin with "A". If anything, it begins with "Q". Aric McKeown just wanted to be difficult.
            ?, which everyone just calls "Ashfield Online" is a Monday-to-Friday one panel Keenspotter that features the cut-and-paste shenanigans of Professor Ashfield, a white-skinned cigarette-smoking psychopath in a lab coat. It currently features “Multiple-Caption Mondays” and “Flash Fridays”. Despite the total lack of original artwork or plot, ? still manages to be quite funny. Ashfield's callous disregard for human life and witty, detached insights are the often quite brilliant.
            ? is only marginally offensive. Yes, there is senseless destruction of life and property, but we only know that it's going on because of the narration. As far as I'm concerned, a good Ashfield comic is refrigerator material.
            Odd as it may seem, Professor Ashfield has been in crossovers with Superosity, Elf Life, and Bobbins.

Absurd Notions
            Originally published in The Signal, the newspaper of Trenton State College, now Absurd Notions is a bi-weekly webcomic. At least, that's the theory. Kevin Pease's updates can be somewhat erratic, so I check his site every day.
            As you all no doubt remember, Barnacle Jones died in Absurd Notions because it was too realistic to allow his skull to just pop back into shape. To be honest, I really respect Pease for his realism. It takes a lot of natural wit to be able to craft a funny strip without adding in talking stuffed animals or time warps. Absurd Notions' cast of characters is endearing without being sappy, the art is invariably good, and the plotlines are always engaging.
            I should also mention how indebted I am to the man for introducing me to ambigrams.

            This strip parodies CRPGs like Final Fantasy. It's always funny, but can get tiresome for those of us who have hobbies other than videogames. Mark Shallow manages to be sarcastic without being offensive. His art isn't great, but it's definitely improved over time. It’s daily, and pretty good for updates.
            It's like RPG World, but with less continuity.

Albion Fuzz
            Formerly known as "Tooth and Claw". A distinctly (though not specifically) British furry Keenspacer. It has an intelligent, melancholy flavour that I quite enjoy. I think the art and the dialogue really complement each other well.
            Albion Fuzz deals with class struggles between the domesticated and wild animals. The characters are likable and it's never obscene. Very dry wit. I like that.

Alien Dice
            An epic sci-fi romance in text/comic form. I recommend you read the comic and the text, as the text often contains extra scenes that the comic doesn't, and the comic contains nuances that the text doesn't.
            Alien Dice is set in a sort of sick, twisted version of the Pokémon universe, where aliens from various worlds capture animals and force them to fight. Basically, Lexx, the dark hero, is fighting for his life, and Chel is a human along for the ride. It's graphically spare, and the characters are a little on the shallow side, but well worth reading.

Angst Technology
            A four-panel strip about a video game company. Of course, this company, like most in works of fiction, seems to require very little actual work. The strip is funny, smart, and slightly crude. The drawing is a little clunky, but the readability is still pretty high.
            It's a good thing that Angst Technology is not a real company, because the Webmonkey's antics, the IT ninjas' elusiveness, and Hugh's comic ineptitude would certainly doom it to failure. It's more or less daily.
            Smith's site rocks.

Arrogance in Simplicity
            What can I say? Pencil stick figure characters and plain white backgrounds. AiS should suck. But it doesn't. It really doesn't. Capheine's poorly drawn little scribble is actually quite hilarious.
            The characters are sarcastic, irreverent, and malicious. Capheine's insights and ideas are the mark of a brilliant, deranged, anti-social mind. He's my hero.
            AiS is a fellow Keenspacer, and he updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.